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"...despite having had twins under care in my practice, there were a great many practical things I had not managed to learn. We would have all been happier if we had copies of this book to consult."
From the introduction by Elmer Grossman, M.D., grandfather of two sets of twins, pediatrician and author of Everyday Pediatrics for Parents

"Patricia Malmstrom and Janet Poland are keenly aware of the physical, psychological, social and emotional forces at work on twins and other multiples, and their book provides parents with the background and advice for raising happy, healthy children. I wish their book had been available when my twins were born."
Bruce Raskin, Parenting Magazine

"Patricia Malmstrom and Janet Poland write on an important subject from a completely unique perspective. Few have had Pat's experience working with twins, their families and numerous individuals who helped them adjust to living on a day-to-day basis. A parent with little or no prior experience will come away with the impression that a true guidebook has been found."
Louis G. Keith, M.D., Northwestern University Medical School

I wholeheartedly recommend The Art of Parenting Twins to parents and expectant parents, childbirth educators, physicians, nurses, social workers and teachers. The authors' expertise makes this a richly rewarding guide to the multiple birth experience.
Elizabeth Noble, PT, Author of Having Twins: A Parent's Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Early Childhood

What comes through on every page of this book is experience and life-long commitment to multiples— both as a parent of twins and one who works with families, campaigning for greater recognition of their needs. Those of us who work with multiples often dwell upon what can go wrong. I am pleased that the last chapter, Celebrating Twinship, does end by stressing that it can be 'good fortune' to be a twin. It is also good fortune to have a book such as this one.
Professor David A. Hay, School of Psychology, Curtin University, WA, Australia, Director LaTrobe Twin Study National Patron, Australian Multiple Birth Association

"This wonderful book encompasses the two authors' lifetimes of experience. We can all benefit from the information—it is so thorough, accurate and useful!"
Marshall and Phyllis Klaus, Neonatologist and Psychotherapist, Authors of Bonding, Mothering the Mother, and Your Amazing Newborn

"This book equips parents to anticipate the particular aspects of twin pregnancy and child care that might not be immediately obvious. In the end, it is the quality of knowledge of the parents, as well as their professional care-providers that will improve the lives of twins and their parents. I warmly recommend this book to expectant twin parents (and their parents), as well as to twin clubs and all professionals whose work involves the care and nurture of twins."
Geoffrey A. Machin, M.D., Ph.D., Twin Researcher

"Ms. Malmstrom's book is down to earth and yet probably the most comprehensive one on this topic. An excellent book both for parents and for professionals who are in the field of parenting education."
Helen Reid, LCSW, Director, Early Childhood Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center






The Art of Parenting TwinsThe Art of Parenting Twins

From the Publisher...

Remember when you first heard the news? After regaining the power of speech, you allowed the joy and anxious anticipation to settle in. Though family and friends simply suggest buying two of everything, parents of twins (triplets, quadruplets, right on up) need more than multiple strollers. For along with equipment, they need more facts, more advice, more patience, more support. Now help is here with The Art of Parenting Twins.

Whether you have just discovered you're expecting two (or more) babies, are about to give birth, are struggling through those incredible first weeks, or are engaged in the whirlwind of child-rearing, here are the answers and resources you've been looking for. Written by the president and founder of Twin Services, Inc., this complete up-to-date guide will give you the skills you need. The Art of Parenting Twins covers such vital issues as

  • Bonding with more than one baby
  • Breast-feeding techniques
  • Coping with multiples
  • Managing sibling rivalry
  • Helping your children achieve independent identities
  • Understanding the special twin relationship
  • Financing your children's future

And much more—including the latest research on special health concerns, mental and physical development of twins, and social behavior.

Library Journal

Malmstrom, a mother of twins and two other children, here offers an excellent guide on raising twins and all multiples, from conception to adulthood. Malmstrom, who founded the nationwide group "Twin Services," writes with knowledge and understanding. She explains that the keys to survival are organization, planning, knowing how to ask for help, and knowing the type of the twins (dizygotic or monozygotic). Malmstrom advocates, for example, co-bedding multiple newborns, breastfeeding, and allowing twins to be schooled in the same classroom. "Twins are a hard happiness," she says, as she details the frustrations and joys of parenting multiples. Throughout, one realizes that being a multiple is very special, endowing those so lucky with a great empathy for others. And, as aging adults, twins enjoy a lasting bond with each other that "regular" siblings do not. Connie Agnew and others' Twins! (LJ 11/1/97) has illustrations for pregnant moms (growth in utero, exercises) but stops with twin development at age one. Malmstrom goes through the teen years, adulthood, and old age. Highly recommended.--Linda Beck, Indian Valley P.L., Telford, PA Copyright 1999 Cahners Business Information.


"This book will provide the answers to all the questions that couples will ask from the time they first learn twins are on the way. And it will help parents cope with their mixture of joy, panic, exhaustion and bewilderment.."
Elizabeth Bryan, Pediatrician and President of the International Society for Twin Studies

"Each chapter is filled with thoughtful insights, practical tips and information on where to get help. The authors describe the growth and development and needs unique to multiples as they go from embryos to adulthood. Patricia Malmstrom speaks from the heart and mind of one who has not only studied multiples, but raised them as well."
David A. Lee, M.D., Neonatologist, California Pacific Medial Center

"Malmstrom and Poland offer strategies to help families enjoy the many benefits of twinship all the way through the school and teen years. Caring for twins is at least a two-person job. The Art of Parenting Twins will prepare you well for the challenges and fun ahead."
Calvin J. Hobel, M.D., Miriam Jacobs Chair and Director of Maternal Fetal Medicine, Cedars Sinai Medial Center, Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Pediatrics, UCLA School of Medicine

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