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The Book:
The Art of Parenting Twins

The Art of Parenting Twins"Written
with clarity, intelligence,
and accuracy, this handy book is a 'must have' for parents of twins and other multiples, [for] multiples themselves and professionals or organizations concerned with guidance and counseling. One could not ask for a more resourceful book."
Adam P. Matheny, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, University of Louisville. Learn more/order the book >




Multiple Birth Resources

This page is also available as a printable pdf.

For Parents

Support Groups:

  • National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs 1-877-540-2200; referral to local, parent support groups and possible sources of recycled clothing and equipment.

  • Triplet Connection: 209-474-0885;

  • Mothers of Super Twins: 516-434-MOST; - information and resources for triplets or higher.

Information and Encouragement:

  • Center for the Study of Multiple Birth: 312-266-9093; - information and referral regarding multiple pregnancy.

  • Center for Loss in Multiple Birth: 907-746-6123; - a network of support for parents who lose infant or young multiples.

  • Sidelines (for women on bedrest) 888-447-4754;

  • Twin Services Consulting: 510-524-0863 - message machine
    Consultation on twin development and care - e-mail to .

  • Articles regarding twin development and care available on line at

  • TwInsight: 310-458-1373; – Counseling for twins and parents with multiples.

  • Teen parents: call your local school district for the number of your local Adolescent Family Life Program for teen specific programs.

  • Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation: 440-899-8887 ;

  • Twins Foundation: 401-729-1000; - resources for multiples, especially adults.

  • Twins Magazine: 1-888-55-twins; – bimonthly - for parents.

For Professionals and Support Group Leaders

Twin Services Consulting offers the following programs:
Web site: offers articles about many key multiple birth topics, infomation and web links to multiple birth resources, referrals, consultation and training. Consultations re program development and case management. Periodic seminars and training for health and family service professionals and educators. For more information call 510-524-0863 or e-mail .

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