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The Art of Parenting Twins

The Art of Parenting Twins"Written
with clarity, intelligence,
and accuracy, this handy book is a 'must have' for parents of twins and other multiples, [for] multiples themselves and professionals or organizations concerned with guidance and counseling. One could not ask for a more resourceful book."
Adam P. Matheny, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, University of Louisville. Learn more/order the book >




About Twin Services Consulting

The need. Twins, triplets and higher multiples are a joyful addition to any family. But a multiple pregnancy and the care of multiple infants and children is different from birthing and rearing single children - even children born close together.

There has been a steep rise in multiple births in the U.S. Twin births have more than doubled since the 1970's and the number of triplets and higher multiples has increased 200%. These babies and their famlies suffer elevated health and social risks. That's why Patricia Malmstrom started Twin Services in 1978 to help parents cope with the twinshock that comes with the diagnosis of a twin (or higher) pregnancy and with the care of multiple birth children. It began as a project of BANANAS childcare information and referral in Alameda County, California, and incorporated as an independent, non profit organization in 1983. Right from the start Twin Services established a professionally staffed warmline for parents known as TWINLINE as a quick way to link parents with "twin" information and resources.

Programs. The TWINLINE and Twin Services' written Twin Care Handout Collection for parents quickly became a "lifeline" for parents throughout the U.S. who are desperate for information about twin pregnancy, breast feeding, getting sleep, naming, dressing, and caring for their twins, triplets or more!

Results. Over the years, Twin Services helped thousands of twin families maintain their health and sanity. And it earned an international reputation as a highly respected resource on the care and development of multiples for both public- and private-sector doctors, nurses, social workers, and educators.

Pat MalmstromFounder. The Founder and President of Twin Services, Pat(ricia) Malmstrom, holds a graduate degree in early childhood and special education. She is a foremost authority on multiple birth development and care. An internationally-known advocate for the improved care of multiples and their families, she has counseled thousands of parents about coping with twinshock and trained numerous teams of counselors on the subject of multiple birth. She is the mother of four adult children including one set of monozygotic (identical) twins.

Support and Honors. Twin Services' programs have been supported by individual donors, foundations, and the Maternal and Child Health Bureaus of both the U.S. and the California Departments of Health and Human Services. Twin Services has been honored by awards from the U.S. and California Departments of Health and Human Services, the Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition, and the California Department of Social Welfare.

Twin Services Consulting. At the close of Twin Services in 2000, Pat Malmstrom elected to continue as a consultant in multiple birth via Twin Services Consulting.You can reach her with your questions re multiple birth care and development at her E-mail address:



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