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Typing Fingers Installation Instructions

Run the installation program. In the process, choose a target folder in which you wish to get the program installed. Upon the successful completion, the program can be started by means of the Start menu. Find the Programs section and click on TypingTutorial. However, that is not all. The whole program has to be activated. The aim of this procedure is to prevent illegal copying of the software.

A) Installation in computer networks

In case your PCs are mutually connected into a local network, TypingTutorial can be installed on your network drive and then a shortcut icon needs to be set up for each program at each workstation (files with the .exe extension) . This must be done manually. All the users will then be working with the same program. It is enough to carry out the activation only on the one computer on which the program has been installed. The whole local network will share the same licence number.

B) Installation on individual workstations (without mutual connection)

Run the installation program on each computer. Then each computer also has to be activated separately and will have its own separate licence number.


To activate the program you must use the licence number. Each computer must have a different licence number. The initial dialogue of the program is titled Demo Version and you have to fill the licence number here. Then you will be shown a button saying ”Load the Activation Number”. If you click on this button, the program will get in touch with our Internet server and assign the given computer its licence number. This number will be saved for future verification. After the activation has been carried out, all the previous limitations of the Demo Version are going to be eliminated.


The program will get deactivated in case of disappearance of the computer´s HW configuration, for example if you get your network card replaced. In those circumstances, the whole activation has to be done all over again.

How to proceed in the absence of an Internet connection

In the absence of an Internet connection the activation process becomes somewhat more complicated. In any case, you have to get the activation number generated over the Internet somewhere. It is necessary to use the registration form available on our web page. If your computers are interconnected it is enough to activate the one computer from which the program is to be started. To get the activation number it is essential to fill in the licence number as well as the hardware number.

The procedure

Hint: Whenever you are working with numbers, use the text file so that you don´t have to copy anything. In the process of copying numbers you may easily make mistakes. Make use of the Editor functions of Copy and Paste. It will also save you time.

  1. Install TypingTutorial on all those computers which you wish to activate.
  2. Copy the hardware number of each computer and match it with the respective licence number. The hardware number appears in the initial dialogue titled Demo Version.
  3. Now, take the list of these hardware and licence numbers to a place that is connected to the Internet and generate a list of corresponding activation numbers. The address to look for is: http://www.typing-tester.com/activation/
  4. Take the list of newly generated activation numbers back to the respective computers and activate the program on each of them. In the dialogue titled Demo Version, you have to fill in the licence number as well as the activation number. Subsequently, the Activate button will appear and enable you to activate the program.

Logging-in for the First Time

The User Name should correspond to the user´s surname. It is essential to make sure that each user operating within the same classroom has a distinct User Name for the purposes of this program. I recommend to set up a rule to which all the students have to adhere. The User Name is important for the identification of results achieved in the process of learning (files with the extension .stat). For example, a man named Aleš Novák could be assigned a User Name consisting of his surname and the code of the class he attends, e.g. Novak3B. Diacritical marks are obviously disregarded. In the Results file, the User Name will then appear in the first window.

How to compare results in TypingFingers

First you have to create a text file to be copied. Each student must load this file and at the end of the exercise, save the results in another file marked .stat. Afterwards, all such files are to be copied into a common folder and the TypingFingers started. Then you simply highlight all the stat files and transfer them into the main window in TypingFingers. All the results will appear one by one on the screen which will enable you to compare the results of several students at the same time. Do not forget assign different names to all the students to facilitate unambiguous identification.

In addition, there is a program for comparing user files (User Statistics). This program will present you the progress being made by each student is a clear way. The main table can be sorted by any of the columns, and on top of that, you can get detailed information about each user by clicking twice on the respective row in table.

How to compare results in TypingTester

The TypingTester program enables you to compare the test results of all the students almost instantly. However, this is on condition that are connected to the Internet.

Please, follow this procedure:

  1. Select a ready-made test or create a new test and save it on a diskette (a file with the extension .ttst).
  2. Instruct the students to start copying the relevant text.
  3. Upon completion of the test, each student must enter his or her results on the Internet.
  4. Find the score table that relates to your test on the Internet. In the first dialogue, click on the Top Score tab. You will be given the option of seeing all the results recorded within the last hour. In this way, it quite unlikely that you would be shown the results of anybody who has done the test but is not a member of your class.


In case of any difficulty, do not hesitate to contact us at our E-mail address, which is info @ typing-tutorial.com. We will also appreciate any suggestions or comments concerning these programs. We keep updating our products and so any new ideas will be welcome. Wishing you a lot of success in your work. Best of luck.

Ing. Petr Markvart - pmq SOFTWARE