Typing Tutorial
We will teach you the touch typing method.

This user-friendly software enables you to save your time while typing a text and makes your computer work more enjoyable.

Why buy "TypingTutorial"?

  • To test your typing skills.
  • To make typing easier.
  • To make typing faster.
  • To become more efficient in your computer work.
  • To greatly enhance your professional growth...

More than 15 000 customers and 900 schools worldwide are using Typing Tutorial (USA, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Australia ....)


  • Lessons on three levels of difficulty - Basic, Standard, Proficiency
  • Ongoing evaluation of your progress
  • Metronome to enforce a uniform typing speed
  • Helping keyboard showing the active key
  • Helping hands to show the active finger
  • Variable settings of user interface
  • Facility to copy texts from your own text files
  • Extensive help to guide you through




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Screen shots are taken from Typing tutorial with selected lessons for numeric keyboard.

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Glass style:
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